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Automated Trading Bots

What is it?

An instrument of your automated trading at Binance platform. Novice in trading or you wish don't waste your time for controlling terminal in hours... trading bot is your choice then. Bot statistics is opened for everybody on dashboard


What is it?

An instrument of your manual trading at Binance platform. There are several tools you were appreciate to use every day to understand convenient time for trading actions: send messages to your own telegram bot notifications when the market changed for particular pips, or reach important target, or get out from controlling area and others... read more about tools

Trading Scenarios

What is it?

An instrument of your half-automated trading at Binance platform. If you have your own trusted trading scenarios you can create it using ultimate smart trade scenario platform or use pre-created. Once created scenario can be saved for future use, modified or deleted. Try your own scenario for yourself or share with others... read more

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The use of automatic algorithms, notifications and trading scenarios does not give an absolute guarantee of profit. We show statistics, tell how exactly we do it ourselves, while you act at your own risk. Never enter with credit, debt, or the last money - the cryptocurrency market, despite the possibility of obtaining high profitability, is inevitably associated with the risks of losses.