How to get passive income

Obtaining passive income is associated with the use of an automated trading tool (trading robot). The process from the very beginning to the stage of making a profit looks like a lot:

  1. You register on the Binance exchange. You can read about how to do it and why you need it here
  2. Replenish the balance on your Binance account with the amount of USD Tether (USDT) that you plan to use to trade automatic algorithms (robots). These are your funds, the smart-trade platform does not own your funds, cannot withdraw or use them, cannot send them to another account or otherwise dispose of them. The trading robot only makes transactions on your behalf.
  3. Create API keys on the Binance website, set the option of spot trading. It is advisable to bind API keys to the IP address of the smart-trade server: This will strengthen the security of transactions and remove the time limit on the use of API keys
  4. We register on our website smart-trade. How to register on our website, what to specify in your personal account and how to set up tools, read here
  1. Go to your personal account, specify the API keys previously generated on the Binance platform
  2. Choose the most attractive tariff for you.
  3. Choose an automatic algorithm, connect.
  4. We track what operations the robot performs, if necessary, adjust the strategy.

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