Smart-trade site registration

Do I need smart-trade registration and how to register properly?

    Registration opens access to your personal account. Any trading instruments, including those developed by our team, operate with special API keys that are provided to you by the exchange (in our case, binance). In your personal account, you specify your personal settings for using trading instruments: API keys, telegram bot address, e-mail. We do not ask for your confidential information, and we do not offer to go through passport verification. Only the minimum settings you need.

    As a rule, registration using a partner's referral link will be more profitable for both you and the partner, whose link you will use. Don't ignore this possibility. Registration is always available in the navigation menu at the top of the site



Please fill in all fields of the form carefully. Enter your real e-mail address, you will receive an email confirming your account registration.

If all the fields were filled in correctly, you will be prompted to check the e-mail box that you registered and click the activation link.

That's it, now you can enter the system by clicking on the LOG IN link at the top of the navigation menu. After successful authorization, you will see your first and last name where the registration link was before.

By clicking on your account, select the desired action from the drop-down list:

    Cabinet, Log or Sign Out


    1. Referral Link: This is your personal referral link for inviting your own referrals. Depending on the selected tariff, you have the opportunity to receive a bonus for each invited referral in the amount according to the tariff scale:

Level Bonus (%)
1 7
2 5
3 3
4 2
5 1







2. Platform: 

    In the platform settings, you specify your API keys (public and secret) for trading robots to access transactions on your behalf, the telegram bot address, if you plan to use notifications, or leave this field empty otherwise. To change the settings, click the "Edit" button. Trading robots will not be able to make deals without specifying API keys, so if you have questions about how to get API keys, read How to do binance platform registration and generate API keys

3. Available Trading Plans

    The available trading plans are sorted in order of cost. We recommend starting with the simplest trading plans in order to feel confident in using trading tools and to understand what is right for you. If you have enough funds on your smart-trade internal account, the "Apply" button will be available, which will immediately apply the trading plan to your account. The active trading plan can be viewed in the "My Trading Plan" section. You can carefully study what is the advantage of each trading plan and decide which set of tools you want to use. Considering that the duration of each trading plan is 30 days, you can set an automatic renewal of the tariff (make sure there are enough funds for renewal), or choose a tariff from the following category, which gives you a 15-day bonus in use. In this case, you pay only the difference in tariffs.

 4. My finance

    And now we just have to replenish our internal account. Select the tab "My finances", click "Replenishment" and choose a convenient payment system for you:

   You can replenish your internal smart-trade account with both cryptocurrency and fiat funds. The minimum deposit amount is $ 10. After completing the transaction, your internal balance will be replenished with the amount you specified and the trading plan will become available for use.

5. My referrals

    The section of your personal account is completed by the tab "My referrals", where you can see all the referrals you have invited, see their activity for a week / month / year. All bonuses will be credited to your bonus account in the "My finances" tab and will be available for withdrawal. In addition, bonuses can be transferred to an internal smart-trade account to pay for a tariff plan.

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