Trading algorithm

Trading algorithm

The cryptoindustry is transforming the digital market by adopting the best technological solutions of exchange trading at the end of the last millennium. Algorithms for binary options have long been used by traders on stock exchanges, and during the period of the rapid rise in the value of virtual assets, similar programs appeared on crypto platforms.

Beginners who are poorly able to use analytical tools sit at the computer for days, trying to capitalize on the volatility of digital currencies. Such a business takes a lot of effort and nerves and does not always bring a positive result. At the same time, a trading strategy can be so simple that it can be fully automated by writing a special bot program for a cryptocurrency exchange. Let's take a look at the functionality of a trading bot, consider the advantages and disadvantages, and display a rating of the best digital trading programs.

How the algorithm works for a crypto exchange

Each algorithm concludes transactions on a cryptocurrency exchange, according to a specific scenario laid down in the program. The sequence of actions of a trading algorithm is called a strategy; it includes a general set of parameters, which serves as a guideline for opening and closing orders.

For example, a crypto algorithm buys a particular cryptocurrency if it has risen in price by 5% -10%, and stabilizes at this mark in order to sell it when the rate goes down again. The trading algorithm can perform operations in an automatic mode, or give signals to the owner when a favorable situation develops on the exchange. The strategy can be integrated into the program by the developer, or customized by the crypto trader himself.

The simplest trading algorithm for cryptocurrencies has a minimum of adjustable parameters, but such an assistant will not bring you serious profit. A complex algorithm for a crypto exchange will bring good income for experienced players, but not every novice trader will be able to set it up correctly. The program can either work only on a certain site, or cover several services at once. Such programs are called arbitrage bots.

Preconfigured trading algorithms include indicators for performing operations in a given period (timeframe).

If you want to try the algorithm or immediately purchase a professional assistant, then first carefully study its strategy and settings. You need to know:

  • Terms of Service.
  • Basics of strategy.
  • Algorithm for changing settings.
  • The presence of restrictions on coins, trading platforms and the amount of the deposit.

Malicious programs can be distributed under the guise of trading algorithms, download one and you will be left without money. We provide you with a reliable crypto algorithm, with the correct use of which you can earn.

What our algorithms do

For several years we have been creating trading algorithms for our own use, and when we saw that they really work, we offered them to you. We use two strategies:

1. Bollinger algorithms. Performs well in a growing market. Correctly hold the position on weak corrections, strengthen the position when the trend moves in the right direction. They accumulate cryptocurrency during deep corrections. If the correction continues, or the trend moves short, the position may be closed in a minus. Recommended to be used with caution in a highly corrective or short market.

2. Algorithms SMA & RSI. This group of algorithms is reactive. The algorithm instantly reacts to market changes, which allows you to close a position on time or accurately enter the market. However, reactivity is also a minus - in a growing market, the algorithm can "freak out" and close a growing position, missing out on a part of the profit. But with a lazy market, this feature will allow you to close short market movements in plus.

We publish all statistics on all running algorithms. Which robots you want to connect to is up to you.


Decent developers of trading algorithms warn customers about the potential risks of using their products.

The success of an exchange operation depends only on you, and the algorithm is just an assistant in information processing and decision-making. Never forget this.

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