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Разбираемся в криптовалютной торговле

Разбираемся в криптовалютной торговле

    Whichever way you choose to gain passive or active income with cryptocurrency transactions, always follow these simple rules:

Never enter with credit, borrowed, or the last money - the cryptocurrency market, despite the opportunity to receive high returns, is inevitably associated with risks of losses..

    However, this does not mean at all that modern crypto trading instruments using should be avoided in every possible way. And if back in 2011 the cryptocurrency was the achievement of only advanced "IT specialists", in 2021 there are few people left who have never tried their luck on the field of blockchain algorithms.

    So, what is the most traditional form of making money in the cryptoindustry - 

    Mining is the gold rush of the 21st century!

    Not all is gold that can be mined

    Mining is one of the main types of earnings on cryptocurrency with an average risk. There are several types of mining, but the main one is "cloud mining" - renting computing power from third-party providers and your own farm (no matter what it will be: video cards or ASIC miners). We will not dwell on each of them in detail - there are a sufficient number of detailed articles on the Internet - but let's just say that the advantages of such methods should include an understandable perspective: you see how much cryptocurrency is mined over a period of time, you can calculate the return on investment with a certain probability, and profit (or loss, as luck would have it). The disadvantages will be the mandatory availability of technical skills and knowledge, the processing of exceptional operations (errors, equipment failure, etc.). And in the case of your farm, the presence of a microclimate: air conditioning, noise, stable Internet, power supply, etc.).

Let's say you still decided to mine cryptocurrency and have already mined a certain amount. What to do with this "good" now?

And what to do for those whose disadvantages of this method have exceeded their merits?

The answer is ...


Cryptocurrency exchange trading

    Buy low - sell high or buy high, sell higher

So we got to the most interesting thing ... trading cryptoassets on a trading exchange is both a risky and highly profitable process, where success largely depends on your understanding of market movements and knowledge. It is both fundamental and technical analysis based on trading indicators and patterns. In addition to knowledge, it takes time, a lot of time.

    But what if there is neither time nor deep knowledge? Or is there simply no time? 

    We offer a set of tools for automated trading, semi-automated trading and trading scenarios.

  • Automatic trading tools (trading robots) are automatically working algorithms configured for trading in accordance with a specific trading strategy. Robots perform trade transactions on your behalf using API keys that you provide in your personal account after registering on the site. Robots statistics are fully open and confirmed by trading operations. If you like how a certain robot is trading, connect. At any time, you can disconnect from the robot and fix your funds in USDT - USD Tether, which is almost the equivalent of a fiat dollar
  • Semi-automatic trading tools (Telegram Notifiers) are tools that will allow you to set the levels of growth or fall of the cryptocurrency of interest with notification to your own telegram channel. You will immediately recognize the moment of price breakout in the area, reaching the price level and other opportunities. This will allow you to significantly save your time, accurately and quickly set the inputs and outputs.
  • Trading scripts is a tool that allows you to create your own script for playing the market. The tool allows you to create a sequence of actions in accordance with the development of the market if ... then ... otherwise ..., combine sequences, save for reuse, share with other users, use prepared in advance.

    Since our choice settled on the Binance exchange, all instruments work with this particular exchange. We do not support other platforms at this time because we believe that the maximum amount of time should be devoted to the quality of the tools, and not the number of platforms on which these tools will run. Binance is the leader among cryptocurrency exchanges according to the estimates of most publications, including the availability of services, deposit and withdrawal of funds, user-friendliness of interfaces.

    We will teach you how to use all our tools correctly, from setting up robots, then controlling scenarios step by step. It will be interesting for you with us!